You are overwhelmed, frustrated, ready to pull out your hair …


I am here for you!

There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s business that there’s so much to do that things get lost, emails not responded to, appointments overlooked, and so on. You can no longer ignore the fact that it is impossible for you to do it all yourself. It’s time to partner with a Virtual Assistant.

When we work together, you’re handing the non-revenue generating work of your business over to me so you have the time to focus exclusively on income-generating activities. We are a team and as such work together, in harmony and in trust. We communicate, strategize and implement these strategies so your business goals can be met.

When we become a team, you will experience benefits such as:

  • You can concentrate on income-generating activities and accomplish more;
  • We are working together as a team, thereby better supporting your business growth;
  • As your team mate, I will be proactively looking for new ways for you and your business to gain exposure;
  • You have a Gate Keeper;
  • You have someone you can brainstorm with and get feed-back;
  • You have someone on your side who’s there and looks after things when you can’t;
  • You have more time to spend on your family and to take care of yourself.

When you are ready to work in a long-term and collaborative relationship let me take care of you.

Think we might be a good fit?

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A Virtual Assistant is a highly trained and skilled professional who, as a support and growth partner to entrepreneurs, business owners, and busy people, provides high level, long-term collaborative administrative and personal assistance without having to be physically present in the client’s office.  – www.assistu.com