Why Me?


What makes me unique?

Becoming a Virtual Assistant turned out to be the best decision I could have made. I LOVE my clients and the connection we create together that culminates in our working as  solid team.

After being employed in the corporate world and working in the administrative field for many years I was happy to say Good Bye to being under-valued, underpaid, expected to work overtime on short notice, not listened to, and forgotten until an emergency happens …… I felt I had so much more to offer. Now I had found a way to put my expertise to work with a small and select circle of clients.

See, you and I have to feel that we’re a good “fit.” We are going to be a formidable team creating amazing things together.

AmyWhite - Adusted

 So what happens often is this:

You and I connect; we talk, feel that we are a good fit and decide to work together. You are excited to start working with me as your Virtual Assistant to gain time and freedom. Shortly after having made the decision, you become anxious. You might be intimidated, maybe even feel pressured, as reality sets in; you have to hand work over to me, your new VA, whom you don’t know that well yet –  and ….. she will see the the state of your business…

I totally get your feelings! I am here for you, to help create confidence and ease for you in our relationship; I am here to deal with your overwhelm, so that you have the time to do what you do best – there is no judgment, just the wish to help you achieve your goals. I so understand where you are coming from.

Really? Yes! I see it often. This is a time in our new working relationship that I love. I love it because it is an important  first step that builds upon our trust in each other.  Guiding you through this phase and seeing you emerge with confidence makes my heart sing. Once this happens, we truly are working as a team and we’re ready to soar. (Read this blog post)

My home office is well equipped and practical, yet comfortable. I am also well-versed in working from different locations. Not only do I often take my business with me while traveling, I am known to be as efficient while away. I traveled by boat for seven weeks (See testimonial under Raves) and often work from overseas, all without a glitch in performance.

My client relationships are mostly long-term. Being a people-person makes me the perfect liaison between you and your clients: timely, dependable, and results-driven. What I love to do is jump right in, explore new tools, programs, play with them, and make them work. In short, I take your pain away while helping you dream bigger.

In addition, should you have business connections in the German-speaking market, I am your perfect choice. I also speak Dutch very well.

I love exploring new tools, and have been the co-leader of AssistUs Efficiency Tools Special Interest Group. The group’s purpose was to share knowledge among AssistU members; to learn of, and to explore, new tools or practices. Being an active member of the AssistU community also gives me access to its vast membership site resources.

On a personal note, I have been an active member of a local Toastmasters group for 8 years; I sat on its Executive for 4 of these years, as Sargent of Arms, and as VP Membership. Taking a twenty-week long writing course offered by WriteWellU in 2011 helped me deal with some of my inhibitions I had about my writing skills.


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