September has arrived and Assist Us wonderful founder Anastacia Brice announced this month’s theme, “30 Learning Days,” which resonates totally with me as I am beginning to build my practice.

I am very excited about welcoming two clients, and am looking forward to learning more about their practices, their hopes and expectations, and to be able to help them achieve their goals.

In addition, my present AssistU Internship has been extended until the beginning of October to allow me to assist with finishing a large project; this is an invaluable learning experience for any new Virtual Assistant.

It’s the conscious learning that this is about. I am open to exploring work methods, different tools, with their ins and outs, and to make suggestions and recommendations that fulfill my clients’ and my business or personal needs.

Having “30 Learning Days” as the theme for this month makes me wonder what fabulous ideas I will come across and research, what new tools will be explored, and what conclusions I will have on the 30th.

What are you hoping to learn/explore this month? Like to share?