Congratulations! You have found your ideal Virtual Assistant ….. Only, you’re finding yourself going from elation to panic! You actually now have to hand stuff over …. Oh no!

This is something most of my clients experience, especially if they are new to the concept of working with a VA. It’s absolutely normal and something we both go through together. In fact, this is when we really start to connect as I walk the client through this stage. Letting go is often difficult, and as my clients’ businesses are mostly not in the most organized state they are fearful to let me look “behind the scenes.”

To turn the “Now what” into “Now that” we usually start with simpler tasks that help each client to ease into the new relationship and to develop trust that is most important in our work.

What tasks can you think of that you would hand over to your brand-new VA at the start of your working together so you could develop trust in her?