Are you one of my readers who has been wondering over the past weeks why you should partner with a Virtual Assistant? What’s the difference to hiring an employee, you might ask.
Have a look at this short video clip that was recorded this week at the e-Spot Tweetup. None of the many women who were there knew what to expect from the event, and everyone was prepared and ready to tweet and tweet. But to our utter surprise, we found ourselves at a fabulous networking event, complete with the most delicious nibbles, and spiced with ad hoc video-taped interviews.
Now, I have never been in front of a camera, and certainly not totally unprepared; nevertheless, I want to share this video with you. I am proud of it, as it made me again get out of my comfort zone. I think you might have a clearer understanding about the difference between hiring an employee and working with me.
If and when you are ready to work with a Virtual Assistant, I would be happy to talk with you. Will you call?