Where is your business headed this year? What are your goals, and how are you planning to achieve them?
I attended a networking event at e-Spot the other day. These events usually attract anywhere from 4 to around 20 people. I love such small group events, which allow us to learn so much about each other’s business. Every time Grace Attard, coach, owner and proud founder of e-Spot, comes prepared with an exercise for us.
This time we were asked to do a ‘Visioning Structure.’  The exercise left me with a strong vision of my business, and my goals.  Grace has graciously allowed me to share the visioning structure with you.
Think about each of the following sentences and fill in the blanks (not every sentence is necessarily applicable to your business.)

  • …my company is known for
  • …my organization is doing
  • …my clients are saying
  • …my suppliers are saying
  • …the market the company serves counts on my company for
  • …my company is changing lives by

Once you have completed the sentences, choose ONE business action that you have not been doing, and which would help you realize our vision. Then, commit to doing this one action repeatedly.
My action for this year is to invest in continuous education.

What is your ONE action that would bring your business close to your vision?