This afternoon I was happily browsing my emails when bang, bang, bang three emails from AssistU arrived.
What had me totally stunned and in awe was, I learned that I have been nominated for ….. not only one, not only two, but three Community Recognition Awards.
These awards, or CRAs, are handed out yearly at AssistUs community gathering and conference, which is lovingly called “Homecoming.” Nominations and voting is open for the entire community.
And what a stronghold that is! I could not wish for more acceptance, love, support, and friendships. I had no idea what a life-changing experience was about to happen to me when I signed up for the Virtual Training Program in 2009.
I delved into the community, asking for advice when needed and receiving back ten-fold. New relationships with colleagues and classmates blossomed into deep friendships.  Can you imagine? Many of these people I haven’t even met in person.
This is what it’s all about for me; the genuine caring, helpfulness and being there for each other, in success and in hard times; the uniqueness of being a loved member of this wonderful group of women and men. This is why I was moved to tears when I saw and read the nomination emails.

Realizing the trust that my fellow VAs put in me makes me teary-eyed again – Thank You all.