A few weeks ago, I attended a group coaching call with Anastacia Brice, entrepreneur and founder of AssistU. I enjoy these calls tremendously, and Anastacia’s’s insights and advice are genuine, and informative. Many questions were asked, and one area that was talked about was how to attract and reach our target markets.

When I reflected on the call later, networking came to my mind. I love networking, and am involved in various networking groups.
What do we need to do in order for someone to remember us as a person, what we do, and what we are looking for?

Our networking associates can only generate good referrals if they have in-depth knowledge of our businesses. I learned just recently that, statistically, 88% of our networks do not know enough about our businesses in order to create a good referral. Only the remaining 12% have the mindset to do so.

What defines this mindset? The answer is that we, as business owners, do not express our message clearly. People do not understand what we do, how we do it, and what we need. We do not ask for help.

People love to help, but we need to express our need to them. We need to state very clearly what we are looking for to grow our business.