I was driving away from the house in which I had grown up in, tears running down my face. It was the last time I would ever see it again, ever set foot in it as the house and surrounding farm buildings were going to be demolished. I was devastated. A few days later I flew back to Canada.

During a phone call a few weeks later, my sister told me an amazing fact: a friend had gone back to the property and was greeted by hundreds of butterflies that buzzed around.

Butterflies are a symbol of transformation. One characteristic of the butterfly is that it can take deep changes with grace and ease. A visual of this transformation is its amazing change from caterpillar to gracious, flying insect.

Changing from caterpillar to butterfly is a normal occurrence for this insect. For us humans, going through a transformation, whether in our personal lives or in business, can be joyous, fun; it can also be traumatic; it can be planned consciously, or happen just through circumstances in our lives.  When we go through a conscious transformation it is accompanied by tremendous growth.

2019 was a year of huge changes for me; would I call it a transformation? What I know is that I have grown, spread my wings so to speak, and am walking a new path, gaining new clarity, in both my personal and my business life. I am morphing from caterpillar to butterfly.

What changes have you experienced; what are you planning for in this year? Where do you envision your business a year from now?