17674203_sWhat makes you, a small business owner/entrepreneur, successful?



You are smart, you know your stuff; you are focused, determined and decided on a strategy.



Most probably, it wasn’t always like that; did you spend hours, days on doing things you didn’t need to do yourself, things that didn’t make you money. Why? I bet you thought you couldn’t afford to outsource, so you labored over work you didn’t really need to do, or know how to do.



Here is the 4th way to go broke:



You had someone create a beautiful website, just a simple one because you didn’t want to spend to much money. You could update it yourself, right? So, how much time have you spent playing with your site making it prettier, easier to read? Did you think about SEO? (You’re not saying what the heck is SEO, are you?)



Don’t let your website be your shiny object; make a decision¬† to spend your time only on what makes you money! U Decide!