I am finding myself quite affected; affected by the restrictions this COVID-19 has put on us humans, and affected by my own reactions to it. I am a free spirit and loathe being told what I can do and what not. So here I am, in my house, pretty much isolated, other than going on a walk with my friend, in 6ft. distance from each other. No giving hugs, nor receiving any. No going to someone for dinner, or having friends over…..

Of course we can become depressed. But we have a choice. I have much gratitude in this situation – gratitude for the sky whose blue hasn’t been as intense in a long time, caused by much less air pollution. Gratitude for families being able to spend time together, grateful for the many calls and texts asking whether we’re ok.

Business has suffered too, for everyone. And what intrigues me is the new ways that show up in how people are doing business now. Hair Salons offering personalized colouring kits, many shops now offering online ordering, and free delivery; restaurants still offering take out and delivery to make up for some of the loss….

For me this is a time to look forward, to determine where I want my business to go, and how to achieve that wish. I am laying the foundation for my future, and I have fun doing it. For that I am happy to have this time. Who knows what might emerge. (You also might want to read this blog post).

I am choosing a positive attitude and see the beauty and new opportunities that are emerging in our businesses.

How do you feel, and deal with the self-isolation, the mandatory temporary store closings that impact your revenue? What are you doing and would you like to share your experiences?