Over the past few months I’ve been through an emotional roller coaster; I felt exhausted, tears shooting into my eyes as soon as someone as much as looked at me, and I hardly held it together. Combine sleep deprivation with emotional stress and you have the picture.

Then, I was introduced to the daily Gratitude Practice. Every day, I write down 5 gratitudes and share by email to 2 Gratitude partners. Today is Day 42, and it’s become so much more than writing. I am living more conscious, am more aware, and have even more appreciation for the good things that come in small, but so important, doses. It distracts and points my attention outside myself; and it allows me to voice whatever is going on, as long as I manage to see, and voice, a positive aspect in the situation. My amazing gratitude partners show wonderful support and love  –  no judgment or advice, support only is part of the rules.

I am, and do feel lucky! My small circle of friends and clients (yes!) cares deeply about me; they are there for me, with an open ear, kind words, encouragement, advice and love! And I am amazed at what is happening; people who I didn’t think would be there do call, text, connect any which way. It’s what has helped me these past weeks and months, and what I am holding so dear, in my heart. The importance of connections, relationships, love and warmth, between us Humans. Sometimes it can be a fine line and I again wonder where the client relationship ends and where friendship starts; and how we can carry these two very different hats? I’ve been burned, deeply; and … I am willing to be vulnerable again: to cry, to laugh, to share, to show my real inside, and to feel warm under this virtual blanket that is wrapping itself around us.

There is no one-fits-all recipe of how we as humans should interact. Important is to listen to our heart, not to be afraid, and to trust. Let’s be compassionate and support each other, inside and outside of close working relationships and wonderful friendships – the rewards are amazing.

I am filled with gratitude today, gratitude for the people in my life whom I am able to support, and who have held, and are holding, and supporting me, without hesitation and judgment.

How do you deal with tough times when everything seem to be falling apart? What tools have you used to get your spirits up again?