I love what I do, because I make my clients dream bigger! Wow, what a statement. And I love that it’s true.

But recently, my heart got hurt badly. I lost some clients. One of them ended her relationship with me in a hurtful manner. All of this happened within a very short time.

At first, I went through all the emotions; I was angry, I felt betrayed, I felt I could not create the client relationship I so yearn to have with all my clients. I was emotional, and in tears. I didn’t believe I could do it, and was full of self-pity.

Then, I decided enough was enough. I went and had an energy clearing session, and Reikki; I did meditation; I went into my core and examined what it really is that I want, for my business and my personal life. I asked myself what lesson there was to be learned from this experience.

I talked with friends and business people about how I work my business, about my client intake process, and I slowly created a vision; a vision that is still much in the beginning stage and that comes to me in little whispers. I created a new Vision Board for 2012. I found myself adding words, such as “Brilliant Woman,” “Voice of Success,” “Speaking,” and “Going from Amateur to Ace.”

Within a few weeks, I went from being upset, and angry to shaping my vision. This could only happen because I had the time to do what I did. I feel renewed energy surging through me.

So, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, trust that there is a reason for this happening. Trust your Inner Self, the Universe, that all is well and will be well. Take some time to grief, but then move on to positively, and purposefully polishing your life’s path.

I do not suggest you go through a loss like I did of more than 50% of your clients within a few weeks. But, I am grateful for having been given this time to reflect, to grow, to shape, to further define myself, and my goals; and to delve deeply into who is my ideal client.

I say “Thank You” to the people who created this opportunity for me.