I just couldn’t help myself, I laughed out loud. Here was my mother with hair standing in all directions trying to finish cooking dinner for the company that was soon to arrive, do a last check of the dinner table, make sure wine was in the fridge, that nibbles were set out, get the dog out of the way; and to change and put her make-up on….. preferably before the doorbell was going to ring. This was a serious situation.



We are all too familiar with this scenario. As business owners we usually experience it in our offices: desks overflowing, emails desperately waiting to be written, the next blog nowhere in sight….. Continuing like this could be a very fast way to go broke.



The #1 way to go broke is to do it all yourself.



You know there is no possible way that you can do everything, yet you are hesitant in getting the help you need. You think you cannot afford to spend the money – wrong!! You cannot NOT afford to. How much more income could you create if you had that ONE more hour per day to work on your business rather than in it.



Seeing my mother struggling to get ready for the dinner party filled my heart with compassion, and pity. Life would have been so much easier that day had she organized help. Don’t let it happen to you.