My last posts outlined two fast ways to go broke: do everything yourself, and create products you have not yet solved.


Here is the #3 way to go broke.


Hiding behind the computer

One of the most common complaints I hear is “I have no time.” Hmmmm…… sounds so familiar. Guilty! I too, sometimes have “no time.”


But what happens here really? Often we just fiddle-fart around. We do a bit of email, then we go check our social sites, get distracted with reading posts and articles and before we know it, time has gotten away from us. But we have been busy, haven’t we?



Then, there are the tasks we really do not want to do. Of course, at some point they become urgent. Until then, we might start them, but quickly close the subject. I know this one too well – my pet peeve is my own personal bookkeeping …. I once managed to let it go so I was not only months, but over one year behind; what a crappy feeling that was.



Yet, in the evening we feel that we have been really busy! Were we? Or are we busy going broke? How much money did we make today? Do we have that wonderful feeling of achievement?



Don’t let your computer screen distract you; don’t hide behind it. It’s one of the surest ways for your business to go broke!



I’d love to hear your pet peeves and how you deal with the shiny objects in your life.