Did you know that you can search on Google in many ways?

I have put a few tips together below that help to get more out of a Google search:

  • Use quotation marks for exact phrase searches. If you type in “Your Name” Google will generate a list of pages with your full name, whereas inputting your name without the quotes will generate pages that contain any of the words entered;
  • Use “OR” – If you are unsure which keyword will get you better results type in both, such as “Virtual Assistance” OR “Office Support”;
  • Conversions of almost anything, such as imperial to metric. Input 1 liter in cups or 1 kilometer in yards;
  • If you need to track a flight, input the airline code and flight number, i.e. AC666,  to get its departure or arrival time;
  • If you need to find out where your UPS package is, all you need to do is input the tracking code;
  • For the weather forecast input weather and your city;
  • Google can even be used as a spelling aid or a calculator, or to find the time in a different city.

How do you use Google and what are your tricks?