I adore my friend Lucy! I love visiting her and spending quality time with her. But what drives me, and her husband, crazy is her morning “ritual.” Every morning – and she isn’t even fully awake – she jumps out of bed, turns on the computer, brushes her teeth and checks her email – before making coffee! Sometimes I really wonder about her sanity!



@ envelopeI love to wake up slowly, enjoy coming back into reality, thinking about the day ahead before jumping into it. Don’t misunderstand me, I used to be like Lucy – even worse. I wouldn’t dare turn off my computer before going to bed; there just might be a message that (I would think!) couldn’t wait until morning …..



Are you guilty of doing the same? Does your computer, your phone or iPad run your life? Lucy works long hours, but complains about not being productive enough. She doesn’t agree that checking her mail constantly not only distracts her but that it is detrimental to her business – this is the fifth item on my list of the 7 fastest ways to go broke!



How do you handle your Inbox? Will you share what strategies work for you?