I just returned from a vacation. We visited family and friends overseas; we re-connected, were entertained with wonderful meals, laughed a lot and did quite a bit of sight-seeing.


I was torn about taking my work with me


22091317_sI was so torn. Should I take my work with me? Yes? No?

I decided to do as I have done in the past, and take my business along. See, I love my clients and my work. AND …. this time I created a plan. I knew that WiFi wouldn’t be available everywhere, that our schedule was not set and could change from day to day, and so flexibility in my planning was needed. I also wanted to spend as much time as possible with family and friends; and … I wanted to be able to have fun without feeling guilty! So, I determined that I would¬† work early in the morning and/or in the evening, at times when the others were asleep. This turned out to be a very good decision; it worked well and allowed me to get a lot of my tasks finished in time.


Again, I realized that it’s not only imperative to make a plan and to stick to it. Friends and family were “warned” beforehand and turned out to be very understanding, accommodating with creating a quiet space for me to work in, and took care of refreshments and the odd back rub.


So, do you work during your vacation?


Do you take your work with you when you go on vacation? What plans to you make and how do you make them work? I’d love to read your tips and tricks.