For a while now working with Claire didn’t feel so light anymore. We had thought we were a perfect fit. In the beginning we resonated and worked together well, but then things changed. I wasn’t sure whether Claire felt the same way. I couldn’t even explain it – it was this gut feeling. Despite our weekly calls I felt that we didn’t really connect anymore. It felt she was too hurried and no longer responded in a timely manner. There were other things too… I knew what was going on in her world, and at first I had been understanding and suppressed my intuitive feeling that we were nearing the end of our working relationship. Claire was a wonderful person, yet something had gone awry.

No matter the circumstances, when you decide the relationship no longer works for you, you need to make a clean break. I struggled with that decision for weeks, mainly because I liked Claire so much.

I felt torn between what I knew must happen and what I dreaded. My instinct kicked in more, calling louder; my business told me it no longer wanted her. I tiptoed around the subject, ignored it… I was a chicken!

So, during the next call, I told Claire that I was no longer the right VA for her. Breaking ties with a client is always difficult for me as I deeply care for each of them. I do it with empathy and consideration. In Claire’s case, we decided someone else would be a better fit for her. I connected her with a colleague. The two of them are still working together to this day.

I was happy I could help Claire find the Virtual Assistant who was a perfect fit for her. We still speak every now and then and exchange Christmas cards.

Have you been in such situation, as client or VA, and how did the relationship end?