I had a great opportunity in July. I was to be interviewed on the Internet TV station “That Channel” about my life as a Virtual Assistant.
I was very nervous; it was going to be a LIVE talk. Days earlier I already found myself waking up in the middle of the night with some fragments of a dream… I had failed miserably to convey my message.
I prepared thoroughly, and was quite confident when I arrived at the Studio. Very quickly, however, I realized that 15 minutes can be very long; I even experienced brain freeze. Then I decided to ignore the rolling camera and give it my best. All of a sudden, I even started to enjoy myself.
We talked about the WHAT, the WHY, the WHEN, the HOW of Virtual Assistance.  What makes Virtual Assistance such a thrilling experience for me? 

Have a look at the video, and judge for yourself:



What tips do you, dear reader, have that might help me be even better prepared next time? I’d love to hear from you.