My friend Joan has a secret relationship! For the longest time she talked about it but wouldn’t tell me details. Admittedly, I am not the kind of girl who can hear someone bragging without getting very curious! Did she have an affair?  Never did I expect to hear what she burst out with one day: “I just cannot get enough of the phone!”



What???? Are you kidding me?  “Are you sure you’re ok?” I asked. “Never been better” she shot back. Now, I seriously started to wonder about her state of mind. The phone! Of all things! But then Joan calmly explained to me that, every day, she sets aside one hour of her time to make sales calls and that she has perfected her technique to turn 90% of her calls into sales. She has gotten so successful that she had to hire staff for the first time ever! And she’s been in business for a while!



Wow, that got me excited. And I do not like to make calls. So I decided to try it out myself and found ….. it works! I am not putting an entire hour aside; I make a few calls every day. I call to connect or re-connect, to learn more about another person’s business, to ask how I can help someone grow his business and to tell him what I need help with in mine. I do not expect a sale every time I pick up the phone! And I certainly  did not expect the many rewards: new clients, new money, new relationships.



So, do you pick up the phone to generate customers? How are succeeding with it? I’d love to hear from you.