Have you ever tried mind mapping? I have been recently introduced to the technique, and I am hooked, and I am preparing my next Toastmasters speech through mind mapping. Speaking from a mind map rather than the written word will allow me to be more flexible in the choice of my words. I will also help me to avoid getting “stuck” because I don’t remember the next words of my speech.
When we do mind mapping we do not use the written word,  instead we draw connections. Mind mapping makes us use both, our left and right brain, thereby enhancing our thinking and memory, whether we apply it in business or in our personal life.
According to MindMapping.com, mind mapping is “…a highly effective way of getting information in and out or your brain – it is a creative and logical means of note-taking and note-making that literally ‘maps out’ your ideas.”
So, why consider a change? Firstly, written notes are not easily memorable. It is said that they are do not stimulate the brain, and they can waste time with the amount of words that need to be written to put meaning to what we are trying to express.
By using mind mapping we increase our brain’s ability to concentrate, we realize connections between ideas, and visually allow the essence of the material to be seen. Our memory organizes facts and thoughts in a way that is natural to our brain.
Here are the basic steps about how to make a mind map:

  • Start in the middle of a letter-size piece of paper that is in landscape orientation
  • Write the purpose of the map in the middle, i.e. Vacation
  • From the middle, branch out clockwise into the main sub-categories, and further from there into smaller “branches,” until each branch contains all necessary information.

The mind map pictured above is shown at Illumine Training, where you can find detailed instructions about how to make mind maps.
What I like about mind mapping is the creative aspect of it. Some examples of uses for mind mapping are when creating a speech, or making notes of lectures or seminars attended,  or to prepare for a vacation or an event that needs to be organized.
I am looking forward to giving my next Toastmasters speech that will be created through mind mapping. How are you, dear reader, feeling about using this technique?