We spent this past weekend, Canada Day weekend, on our boat enjoying a club cruise. Being Cruise Captains for this cruise meant that we had to do some provisioning for Saturday evening: buying the salmon to be cooked on wooden planks on the BBQ, wine, and beer! Appetizers, salads, and desserts were potluck items. Our good friends with whom we shared our duties, brought their famous “Bahama Mama” to start us off to an evening of good food, drink, and fun. And a fabulous evening it was! Most of us were dressed in red and white; our country’s proud colors! I sported a big Canadian Flag draped around me.

When I stepped off our boat and approached the area we had set up earlier with red table cloths, paper napkins depicting the Canadian flag, and little flags on each table, my heart swelled with pride; I felt a small, and important part of this great country. Just with being here I contribute to shaping Canada’s future.

The thought hit me like a rock;

I felt immense pride and happiness; and I felt responsibility, and caring. Caring about this vast country, wanting to protect it like we protect a baby from harm; and I felt joy, the joy of living, of being able to lead my life the way I do, to have friends who are there for me as I am for them. My head was spinning, round and round, feeling, so many emotions, and I started a happy dance.


After two increasingly strong “Bahama Mamas” our party was in full swing. Later, we were sitting with a small group enjoying the spectacular sunset. Someone posed the question of who of this group was born in Canada? Ten out of ten had immigrated, as children with their parents, or as adults. We counted Vietnam, France, Scotland, England, Holland, Germany, and Ireland. And all of us feel alike: we live in one of the best countries, and are thankful to be here!


Thank you Canada!