I have been thinking about the need for a mobile printer. Do I really need one, and can I warrant the higher cost compared to a more voluminous home office printer?

I have come to the conclusion that I do need to make this investment. I do travel frequently, and working as a Virtual Assistant allows me to take my business with me; I need to work efficiently and do not want to waste time trying to find a printing store or borrow a printer when I need one.

I can do most of my workload virtually. There is still an area, though, where I feel more comfortable printing and sending the material via snail mail. This is the case when I start working with a new client. Sending my welcome letter and other pertinent information via snail mail presents my client with professionally prepared documentation, at the beginning of our partnership. I could, of course, attach the information to an email, which the client then would have to print, sign and return to me. To me, this is too impersonal.

From the client’s perspective, s/he receives a well designed package that s/he can read at leisure, without any other effort involved.

Having made the decision, I went out and purchased a Canon PIXMAiP100, which arrived via courier last week. It’s compact, works well, and I am delighted with my purchase. Now I am all set to travel while working efficiently in my business.