It’s been a while since I wrote a blog, not to mention a newsletter … In fact, I’ve never felt comfortable with writing; ever since my third grade teacher suggested that my writing was pretty bad! Didn’t I have the perfect excuse to hide!


2014, for the first time I decided on a word for the year. “Dare” came to mind instantly and dare I do. Attending “Be The Change” in Las Vegas, and “Journey2Success” in Oakville this week, with an exhibitor table, are just two “Dares.” Thank You to everyone who I met, who came by to chat, or to inquire about my services.


Doesn’t it feel good to do something entirely new, and liking it, getting out of our comfort zone, stretching ourselves?


In which area of your life do you think you might need to stretch? Think about it and dare to!

Until next time!