Do you feel that you have nothing to write about? Do you have a rough time deciding on a subject for your blog?
I will admit it, when the time comes to write another blog post, I feel as if I had a mental block – nothing comes to mind, and I ask myself “What would make an interesting subject?” What is really needed to write effectively and engaging?
I have never been secure in my writing, and find that I am struggling with it.  To overcome this, I committed to blogging in regular intervals, about every two weeks, thinking that surely I would come across this wonderful, exiting subject to write about.
Why do I feel as I do about writing? Is it because English is my second language?  Are my subjects too dry? Is it really mental block?
Part, if not all of it is, I feel intimidated. I feel insecure. Why would anyone want to read what I have to say? What do I have to offer that will make anyone want to read my blog?
So, I am going to embark on an adventure. I have taken the plunge ….. I registered for Write Well University’s 24-week  Writing Essentials Program. Starting in March, I will study extensively the ‘how’ to become a good writer. I will study grammar, sentence structure, choice of words, and everything else that goes along with writing. I am looking forward to it with mixed feelings, I admit. It’s a necessity to do, but I cannot wait to see what fabulous things I will learn.
How do you, dear reader, feel about your writing? Do you write easily or do you struggle as I do?