As in previous years, AssistU managament asked its community to put forward nominations for its annual awards.

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And again, I have been nominated! I am elated and thankful to be a member of this amazing, supportive, loving community. Never have I experienced more support and helpfulness.


So what makes us AssistU-trained VAs different? Why are we still in the community, nurture it and our personal connections. Why is everyone there to help someone who is facing a challenge?


I tell you why!

  1. We only work in long-term and collaborate relationships.
  2. Such relationships have as a basic an understanding an “I like you,” “I connect to what you are saying,” a similar view of the world and how we express ourselves. We speak the same “language,” are on the same wave length.
  3. We work in and with high trust.

If I don’t feel that this high trust will develop, if someone is so different in his views, and expressions, I know deep in my heart that I am not the right VA for him. Over time, many of us at AssistU have experienced the truth of Anastacia Brice‘s saying: My worst nightmare client is another person’s dream client.


That, dear friends, is what makes this community so special, so great to be a part of.


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