For the past two years, I have been a proud member of a wonderful Toastmasters group. I knew for years that Toastmasters would serve me well and kick-start my speaking skills, and yet, I procrastinated and didn’t explored the possibilities. Maybe it was because of that very first meeting I attended, years ago, that left me saying I’d never, ever join. Or, maybe it was because I was afraid of making a fool of myself. I didn’t think I could do it well.


Then, I took the leap. And to my surprise I survived, quite well! And, watched my skills improve with each speech.

Last year, I registered for a 20-week “Essentials Writing Program.” Again, I had known for a long time that this was something I needed to learn. I didn’t only survive, I enjoyed the course!


A few weeks ago, I gave my ninth Toastmaster speech, incorporating principles learned during the “Essentials Writing Program” with Toastmasters principles.

This is not a perfect speech; there is room for improvement. I am proud of this speech, as I can see how far I have come from the shy, and intimidated Toastmaster two years ago.


I realize that I let my anxiousness dictate. I avoided challenges, and sat safely in my self-spun cocoon.


Now I go out and do the things that give me goose bumps, chills, shivers, and butterflies in my tummy. I experience life’s thrill and feel great! Will you do the same?