My aunt always had an enormous purse. As a child, I was intrigued and full of suspense; what treasures would emerge if I turned it upside down? As I was not allowed to touch her purse, it took years before I finally came to see the treasures.


What a disappointment this moment was for me; so much paper. Why was she carrying all these notes in her purse? It turned out it was her ToDo list; even then it seemed not very efficient.


efficient ToDo listDoes your ToDo list look like this?


This was years ago, and the “system” seemingly worked for her. Luckily, today we have a choice of many tools to help us stay organized; most of them sync between your phone, iPad, tablet and computer is a given.


I have played with a number of tools, and find that I like Toodledo the best. Here is my why:

  • Inputting a new task is a breeze.
  • Features, such as priorities, alarms, reminders
  • Customizable tags, sub-tasks, and folders
  • Select shared folders for collaboration
  • Easy customization
  • Syncs with mobile phone, iPad, Android, most calendars



As a Virtual Assistant, one needs to be organized and efficient. Heaven forbid I forget. Each client has her separate ToDo folder making it easy to plan my days. The tool is easy to use, simple, and effective; that’s what matters to me most. Which tool, if any, do you use to keep the ToDos of your business and yourself organized?