Christmas has come and gone, time spent with dear family and friends, but also of reflection. Reflection on the past year, of achievements and sorrows, of wonderful times and of milestones reached. So much has happened.
I started the year being enrolled in AssistUs Virtual Training Program, graduated in May and found myself asking ‘now what?’ I have reached my goal, I graduated, but how do I get clients? What to do and how to do it? Should I network, write letters, advertise, all of the above?
I decided to listen to my Inner Self. The decision was twofold: networking and subscription to AssistU’s Registry program.
When I talked with my first potential client contacts I was so very nervous. Was I possibly going to start working with any of these contacts? Would they want ME? How long would it take before I would start bringing in money and how would it be to actually do what I learned? Would I be able to run my own business, did I have the discipline needed? Doubts were showing up, but I was determined and ignored them as much as possible.
I was delighted to partner with my first two clients within days of each other, and I am delighted to have found wonderful people to work with. Reflecting on the past months makes me realize how blessed I am. I am capable of running my own business successfully, and I have wonderful, appreciative clients.
On the home front I am blessed with a great husband, a wonderful home, and good friends. 2010 has been a truly amazing and fulfilling year for me. My hope is that the coming year will continue to be one of growth for all of us.

What are your reflections on 2010, dear reader? What are your hopes and dreams for this coming year?