I stopped dead in my tracks. There was, about 5-6 feet from me, a skunk walking straight towards me. Now, I definitely didn’t want to get sprayed …. What should I do? Run? Walk? Stay put?

I decided to stay put. I’ve learned that sudden movement can scare animals; my reasoning was that hopefully the skunk didn’t feel any danger coming from me and would just walk on …. which it did, unruffled, confident, tail moving from one side to the other, and head held high as if to say “Look at me, I am beautiful and the world is my oyster.”

Looking at this little and feared animal I couldn’t help but think that the self-confidence the small skunk displayed is a great reminder for us entrepreneurs. We’d love to be feeling self-secure in our personal life and business, to feel in total charge, and stay unruffled in unexpected moments; and to confidently move on, no matter what. It’s what we strive for, yet don’t think about in the day-to-day rush of running our business.

The skunk reminded me that it’s I who determines my path; it’s I who determines how and when I move, how I show up. I am at the helm of my life! I am grateful to have met this little skunk; how even such a small animal can have a huge impact on us and create awareness that, in turn, can create change and improvement.

Did you have a similar experience and what did it teach you? I’d love to read your story.