This I hear so often. Many business owners don’t want to be bogged down with techie stuff. They have no interest in figuring out how something works, and how it might connect with another tool.

You have a website and like people to sign up for your amazing newsletters. For that to work, you need an account with a newsletter-generating website, such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber or other. Once the account is set up, your website and your newsletter account need to be linked so they interact with each other. So, when someone signs up on your site, their email address gets automatically added to your newsletter account and voila ….. The person receives your fabulous information. As you are very customer oriented, you want to welcome your reader, so you put an Autoresponder in place that automatically gets sent to a new subscriber.

This is an example of how systems can be coordinated to work together and make things much easier for you while creating a great customer experience.

Perhaps, this is something you can do yourself; but then should you?? Should you use your valuable time on tasks that don’t involve your true awesomeness, your unique gift to the world? Think about how many customers you could serve during the time you might need to set up systems for your business.

As a prospective client told me: “I just want to show up and do what I do best. I want someone to not only help me look professional and polished but take care of all the stuff I don’t want to do. I want to live MY life.”

Hear that? This person’s got it!! This person intuitively knew that not only did she not want to do these things, she knew she shouldn’t think about doing them.

What “techie stuff” can you think of that you don’t want to/cannot do and that would free up your time big time if you handed it over to your trusted Virtual Assistant?