Have you ever done anything that scared you out of your wits? Do you ever get out of your comfort zone and step deeply into the fear factor?
A few weeks ago I was one of nine women who rented a chalet for some well-deserved R&R.
We had a full and enticing program: hot-tubbing, zip-lining, Le Scandinave Spa experience, dinner in town, massages, and lots of R&R. The weather was perfect.
Highlight on the agenda was zip lining! Wow. We arrived at our starting point and were thoroughly instructed in how to wear our gear, and what to expect. After we were all dressed and ready to go, we went for a little walk, then arrived at what is called the “tree walk.”
Imagine something like a hammock, only it doesn’t have a nice and soft cushion-like bottom that you lie on. There is a narrow board, just wide enough to stand on, about 20-30 feet above the ground. Every step you take makes the board swing, up and down, side to side.
Tree-walking is a thrilling exercise. Safely clipped to two big overhead wires, you need to concentrate on maneuvering the narrow board, and on circumventing 15 trees!
Arriving at tree #16 there were steps leading down to …. nothing! My heart was fluttering and I was scared. One more step and I would be in the air.
Then I made a decision. I was here, I had signed up, there was no way back. I let go!
I flew through the air, shouting in joy: I was flying! What an experience! I was  f-r-e-e!
What did I learn from this experience?

  • Challenge yourself, and take actions that I would not easily want to do.
  • Angst could keep you from moving on.
  • Once you overcome the fear factor, you might consequently have an exhilarating experience .

Apply my experience to your business, and push yourself to go into the unknown. Widen the horizon, and deepen your knowledge; you will have fun doing it.
Whatever the action is that you fear, take your heart in your hands and dare to dare! You might find totally unexpected, absolute joy, and thrill.
What are your fears, dear reader?