Q: I run regular events in different cities. How can I utilize a VA?

A: My client Sarah asked me to organize a small event for about 20-30 people. There was to be coffee and other beverages, snacks and a light luncheon as the workshop was an 8-hour event. I was excited; this is just up my alley.

Sarah and I met via Zoom and determined the budget: room rental, projector, food and beverage allowance, and other costs. Once we had the budget, I sat down and created an Excel Event checklist with due dates to work from to ensure nothing got forgotten and ran it by Sarah. This spreadsheet was invaluable and kept me on track. I was able to negotiate a good deal and coordinate all details to help make the event a full success.

So, when you give workshops or host other events on a regular basis, make sure that your VA has some event experience under her belt. Take the time to be available to answer questions during the preparation of the first and perhaps second events so she becomes confident in knowing and executing your wishes.

After these first few events, you might not even notice that your next event is planned and organized, and all you have to do is “just show up and deliver our content.”

What tips would you give to your colleague whose VA is organizing his/her event?