Client “A” needed a puzzle created – not a “regular 10×10 inch puzzle, but one that would measure about 5×8 feet. It was to be cut in wood, with a certain size and number of pieces. The image on it was going to be custom designed and supplied to the puzzle maker. In addition, the puzzle was to be sandwiched between two large Plexiglas sheets so that it could be erected and viewed from both front and back.

Was this something that fell into the range of my VA work, the client asked? Someone else might have said No, but I jumped at it and soon found a puzzle maker who specialized in oversized puzzles, who was as excited as I was about this custom order, and who delivered a stunning piece.

When we envision working with a Virtual Assistant, we usually think exclusively about business-related tasks that don’t need her to be physically close to our office. While such tasks form the majority of our work, your VA can help you in other areas.

Here are some other examples:

  • Theater, dinner, and other personal reservations;
  • Self care appointments for you, i.e. hairdresser, facial, manicure and pedicure;
  • Have your kids picked up should you unexpectedly be unavailable;
  • Help find and pre-screen babysitters, Au Pair, live in help.

Would you believe, I once even arranged dinner to be delivered to a client’s home by cab?

What unusual tasks can you think of that your Virtual Assistant could do for you, that don’t fall into the “norm” of VA work and that will save you much time?