Do you sometimes wonder how deeply you could/should get involved in a client’s life? Peter had been my client for quite a few years. From the very beginning he “had” it: he knew how to do his part in creating the trusting, amazing client relationship that we now have.

A few months back we were talking. Peter had gone through a substantial transition over the past years and shared some of the challenges he was now facing. Thoughts and ideas went back and forth. What always amazed me was the different angles that each person looks at things – and how amazingly fruitful a conversation can become because of that – and trust in each other.

I am so grateful when I realize again how deeply involved I, as Virtual Assistant, can get in a client’s life in a specific area. And how it is over and above anything I do for the client.

Some of you might think “Hey, wait a minute, you are his VA… And didn’t you write a blog post recently about not getting too close in the VA-client relationship?”

Yes, I did write that blog post. And yes, one can become too close when the relationship becomes a business AND personal relationship. In such case, we’re really dancing on dangerous grounds.

This, I value as the highest level of a client relationship: a client who trusts enough to show his own vulnerability, who puts his deepest fears on the table, who shows his inner feelings, who asks my opinion.  Yes, there can be intimacy in such a relationship, and it makes it even more rewarding.

How do you feel, from a client perspective, about laying bare your vulnerabilities to your business partner/teammate/VA?