How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Did your spouse take you out for a special meal, or did he/she cook you an amazing, love-filled dinner? Valentine’s Day presents another special occasion to show someone you love him or her.

We celebrated at home. My husband gave me a gorgeous orchid planted in a glass container; we don’t go out of our way for Valentine’s but do give each other a sign of our love and appreciation.

What went straight to my heart was when the doorbell rang and a flower delivery came. One of my clients had arranged for a beautiful bouquet to be sent for this special day. This simple, loving gesture brought me to tears. It shows me the appreciation she has for me; it makes me feel valued, needed, respected. It makes me feel I that I am making a valuable contribution; and I feel loved.

What do you do to show your Virtual Assistant how much you value her? I am looking  forward to your comments.