Today of all days, I am finding myself in my office, contrary to our well-laid-out plans to spend the weekend away with friends. We were all set to go Saturday, even did leave, and had to turn back; I was more than disappointed, I was upset at the Universe! How dare this happen, today at the start of a long weekend? What’s the purpose of this? Darn it!

Today, having calmed down, I am looking at it from the bright side. It’s peaceful outside, the sun is shining and our Canadian flag is dancing colorfully with the wind…..It’s time!


I beg your forgiveness! I’ve been hibernating for quite a while, busy with other things and really not “inspired” to writing.


Whenever I sat down and took to the computer, my mind went totally blank!!! See, in my early school years I was repeatedly told that my writing sucked, and despite having taken writing courses, having received compliments on blog posts or other writing and working on my writer’s confidence, I am having a helluva time turning this “I’m a lousy writer” into “I am a good writer, and people just love to read what I have to say.” My teacher’s words seem to have become little suction cups in my brain.


So I am going to dip my toes into the water, again, trusting that inspiration will come. Stay with me, will you?