Wow, this last VISA bill was just colossal … It literally hurt looking at it. Did I really sum up so much money???

This sucks, big time! I knew I had to bring in more money so next month’s bill would be a friendlier one.

So you sit at your desk and wonder how possibly you could do more, earn more, be more with the family, etc. The question is really: How can you run your business more efficiently?

It might be time to check into getting help.

Ask yourself questions, such as “What are the areas of my business that I do not want to do, that I know someone else could be doing better and faster? What repetitive tasks can be done by someone else? How much more time would I have; and how much more money would I gain by hiring a Virtual Assistant? (Calculation: Take your hourly rate and deduct the VA rate. This is the money you’d gain per hour, not to mention the new business you could generate during the time your VA works on your tasks.)

Here’s what I suggest you do:
–  Every day, for about a week or so, write down everything you do in your business …. yes, everything.
–  After the week is over, take some time out of your busy schedule and analyze your list.
–  Ask yourself these questions:

  • How much time has doing these task taken away from your money-making activities?
  • How much money could you have made during these hours?
  • How much money would it cost to bring on another team player who’d take care of the back-end of your business? (see above)
  • How nice would it feel if you could get rid of all the administrative ‘crap’?

Then divide your list into 2 columns: Column A lists everything you have to do yourself to generate income; Column B lists the work that someone else can do just as well, or even better, than you.

I make a bet that you’ll come up with many tasks that to hand over to your new assistant. Just imagine having more time, bringing in more money, and not having to look after the admin stuff.

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