When asked whether they work with a Virtual Assistant,  business owners will often respond as follows:

– I cannot afford a VA
– I’m experimenting with a few tools to see what I like
– I can do it – I just need to work a few nights

It’s imperative for the back-end of your business to sit on a solid foundation. You want systems in place that work well together, integrate with each other, and save you time. Your VA can brainstorm with you, advise you which system(s) might be best for your business, and do the setup of the systems that support your business in the long run.

When you think about your long-term goals, and bringing on a team, you need to look at how you’ll communicate with each other and how you keep track on the work that everyone is doing.

How do you organize your tasks? Do you use a calendar, a notebook, your email Inbox? Is your system going to be effective once you have a team mate?

Most business owners don’t have the time/don’t want to spend the time on researching and setting up these foundational parts of their businesses.

Think you cannot afford a VA, or can do it all yourself? Think again.

Here’s an example:
The client charges $200/hour for her services. Her VA charges $50/hour. For the ONE hour of her work the client gets FOUR hours from her VA. A Win-Win situation, I’d say.

How much money could you generate in your business with the time you spend on research, setup and your daily repetitive tasks?

What would be your biggest gains if you didn’t have to do all the back-end tasks yourself?