In today’s world business is done very differently from the “good old days.” We build relationships, get to know and trust each other and the people we have relationships with create referrals or become clients themselves.  Ads no longer work well for small business owners. We work in and with relationships; and that’s what makes transparency in business most important.

I have been a Virtual Assistant for 9 years; what makes my work most appealing is not only the “what” I do. It’s the “with whom” and the basis of the relationship with my clients that makes me love what I do. I don’t work with everybody – there needs to be a connection, a “common” language, an understanding, and compassion. And there needs to be transparency. Lies, blame, talk behind each other’s back, resentment – these are what transparency it NOT. When there’s a problem, we talk it out. When one of us is unhappy, we take the bull by the horn and connect. We keep each other updated, connect on a regular basis and grow together as a team.

The importance is to be open, honest, and team-minded. I believe that when you have transparency you have trust, and when you have trust you have transparency. They go hand in hand, don’t they?

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