Today, I want to talk about a sensitive subject: Are you afraid of losing control? In my 8 years of being a Virtual Assistant, I have seen this fear often.

As business owners we know how our business operates, we know what to do and when. But, we don’t necessarily know the “how” when it comes to the administrative side of our business. We have certain tools that we use and, although we know that they might need improvement, or even change, we are uncomfortable in letting someone else “organize” us. I’ve had that experience myself when I started working with my own VA – it was a real eye -opener! As business owners we really don’t have the time to do all the “behind the scenes” work that keeps our business running smooth.

Working with a VA is an investment in your business’ future. It gives you the time to do what you do best; client generation, service, and retention; in other words the things only you can do to further your business. When you think about your day, the time spent behind your desk doing things that directly don’t make you money, isn’t it time to let go? Isn’t it time to find someone who will be your right hand, someone you can trust 100%, someone who’ll be available when you’re not, someone who does all the “stuff” you don’t need to do yourself, and who frees up your time?

I recommend reading Susan Jeffers’ Book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – it has given me clarity and has helped me “take the bull by the horns” in many a situations. And if you’re unsure how this entire client-VA thing can work and develop, you might want to read this post to give you an idea.

What’s preventing you from letting go? I’d love to read your thoughts.