I actually took this photo last year! When I found myself at the door with this sign, I was shocked. Why would anyone with a business post a sign like that; why write the words that were written here?

This is not the way to run a business! It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, your clients need to feel taken care of; that someone is there for them when needed. Everyone expects to receive good customer service, the “giving” part is often something else.

When you want to stay in business, you have to make sure that you have someone who can be there when you cannot. It doesn’t mean that someone needs to know everything you do and the how; it’s imperative that the customer can make a connection and be heard.

It’s one of the reason why teaming up with a Virtual Assistant is a good way to go. You and your VA have built trust and she can handle things while you’re away. Clients have a touch point, and are looked after.

If you are a solopreneur, I invite you to take some time and have a chat with your business to determine what kind of support you might need. You might determine that you no longer want/can take care of the administrative part of your business and you would like to work with someone who will look after that part so you have more time to follow income-generating activities.

In today’s world we cannot afford to lose income. Let me help you find out what support you might need and when and how your business can grow by working with a Virtual Assistant.

Had the business owner of the store had someone to look after things, she wouldn’t have lost income; and she’ have had peace of mind that things were looked after while she was away. Find out how I can help you and book your free 30-minute exploratory call with me now.