2018 has ended and the New Year started. If you haven’t yet, this is a good time to give yourself some feedback and evaluate what went well; what didn’t go well? How can you improve the areas that didn’t go well? My typical year-end thoughts!!

Here’ are some of the things I do:

  • My starting point is always my calendar. Going over the year’s calendar I write down important events, milestones and work backwards.
  • Another aspect that I look at is my time management – how did I do this past year? Was I efficient and productive with my time or did I fiddle-fart around too much?
  • Did I market myself well? In-person networking, online networking. How well do new connections know about your business, what makes you special and who your ideal client is?
  • And what about the goals set at the beginning of the year? Were they met? And how many weren’t?

This list usually provides a good overview and serves as starting point for the new year’s goal list. A question to ponder is: are you still aligned with your business? Are there changes you’d like to initiate?

When these points have been answered, create a new list for this year. Be generous and mention even small goals. Break the list down into quarters and months for certain activities so you won’t be overwhelmed.

What are important questions that you ask yourself when you evaluate the past year and plan for the next? I’d love to hear from you.