I am a prime example of someone who hasn’t said “No” enough in her life. Whether it was doing something for a friend, a quick brainstorm with someone that kept me from what I really should have been doing ….. you get the drift! And I am still learning.

The client/VA relationship is a fragile one. It is built on trust, on respect, on the principle that both are equals, on honesty and mutual care. Both run a business, and are experts in their field. So, when it comes to choosing a VA, or the VA choosing a client, both need to be on the same side. The most important one is that both feel a connection that allows for the building of trust. Without trust the relationship will not develop to an amazing one where both client and VA create a most powerful team.

How do you know whether to partner with a particular VA/client or not? Whether you’re client or VA, have a read of the “red flag” indicators below.

If you are the client

  • You don’t like the way the other person expresses herself
  • You realize the VA doesn’t have the skillset you need
  • The VAs availability doesn’t conform with what you need
  • Timezone differences might make it difficult for you to work together. Usually, this can be overcome with good will.
  • You don’t feel the VA is genuinely interested in your business

If you are the VA

  • The PC (Prospective Client) appears to be a micro-manager. In such case, and if wished, client and VA must agree how to handle such situations
  • The PC is not willing to pay your rate
  • The PC’s demeanor indicates that her mindset towards you is that of an employee rather than a business owner
  • The PC doesn’t agree with certain boundaries you put forth

These are some of the red flags that I’ve seen in my 11-year practice and this short list id by no means complete. What red flags have you experienced that caused you to say “No” to a new VA/client relationship?