Why am I doing an Internship, and what is so special about it? You would think that I have learned all I need.

After successful graduation from the Virtual Training Program VTP, I decided to register for the eight-week Internship offered through AssistU. Recently, I started working with Laura Allen, and enjoy our time together very much (Thanks, Laura.) I love diving into new software applications, such as Typepad, which is a blogging platform, or be challenged to improve my WordPress knowledge by doing something that I haven’t done before. I am learning about WIKIS  …. “What is a WIKI?” I asked just a few weeks ago; now I know. Laura is communicative, easy to get along with, and a wonderful inspiration to me. She also does keep me busy, and accountable for my time.

While doing an Internship, the Intern works in a client relationship, but can make mistakes and learn from them in a safe environment. It allows the Senior VA to give back to the AssistU community by volunteering her time to work with the Intern, and to give him or her “hands on” experience. What better way is there to start a Virtual Assistance business?