A few weeks ago, I attended a Vision Board workshop. Not that I haven’t created a vision board before. I was coming to grips with disappointment and hurt, and I was aware that my vision for 2012 needed to be sharpened and clarified as a last step in my process of not only recovery, but of gaining clarity about where and how I want my business to be at the end of the year.


I wondered, was there a strategy that I should use? Was there anything I needed to prepare for a successful vision boarding session? Or, should I just trust my Inner Self to guide me?


I bought a purple cardboard on which to create my vision and set off to attend the workshop. I felt a bit uneasy, not sure what to expect, and was nervous. When I arrived, a small group of participants was already happily cutting away at magazines, or ripping out entire pages.


A vision board can be done for different purposes. Create one for your personal dream life; add pictures of cruise ships, sunny islands, big cars, sunshine and whatever else you desire; or create one for your business, adding pictures and words that deeply resonate with what you want to achieve. For me, both are inseparable; my thought was to somehow divide my board, and create an area for each; it also was important for me to bring both areas together.


I put trust in my Inner Self, and used the pictures, words, and expressions that represented my desires. While cutting out an image or words, I dreamt how it would feel when I had experienced them. It felt so good.

All of the words and pictures I chose touched my heart and represent what I so wish for.


I started to arrange my board; personal ambitions mostly on the left, and professional desires mostly in the middle, and on the right. I didn’t pay much attention on the curve of the upward trend; I was only interested in joining all three areas. I felt the joining as a very important part.


And then …. BAM!


I looked at the board I created and I was in awe. I never dreamt that my creation would have such an impact on me. I felt … happy, and surprised; I felt elated to read the strong statements.


Some messages were shouting out at me: “here, here, look here;” others are more subtle. I asked myself: what was the message intended for me in the left side leaning so towards the right side, whereas the right one was seemingly going up much more straight? Then the thought hit me that the left side is looked at as representing femininity and receiving; the right side stands for masculinity and giving. I see that there is a fusing, a melting going on with my leaning Tower of Pisa, as I lovingly call it, and I am thinking about HOW this is happening to ME right now. It seems there is some balancing happening between receiving and giving; what a wonderful growth potential.


It all is coming in little whispers, bit by bit.

Am I looking at my vision board? You bet!
Am I listening to my vision board? You bet!


When you sit down and do your own vision board I promise you, you’ll be amazed and in awe about the message you give yourself! Take time and look at the board often, as it tells you something different every time. Be open, trust your Inner Self, your gut, embrace what you see, your future, and run with it! This tool is one of the best tools I know to help create your future, to analyze your desires, and to determine your path; as it has helped me create my vision.


Will you share what impact your vision board experience has had on you you?