Very recently, I finished my first Internship with an experienced Virtual Assistant. AssistU allows each graduate of their Virtual Training Program up to two Internships with any of their senior VAs.
I graduated in May and felt fabulous. My hard work during the past six months had paid off and I found myself declared a Virtual Assistant ready to conquer the world. But, I didn’t feel ready. In fact, I was intimidated. Where, how and how soon would I find clients? Would I know what to say, how to present myself and my business, my skills, would I ask the right questions in order to establish whether there was a connection upon which a relationship with my prospective client could be built?
So, I decided to apply for an Internship. I was teamed with Laura Allen, who had introduced me to AssistU, and who has become a dear friend since. Laura was to be treated as my client. She threw tasks my way, she was open to discussions, was eager and willing to try anything, and offered wonderful support throughout the three months that we worked together.
What did I learn during this time? I learned to find answers in various ways, to research the Internet, to build a WIKI. I leaned to use the Typepad and WordPress blogging platforms, I learned to improvise, I learned to have an alternative plan when Internet access was unavailable during my travels, but what I learned foremost is to trust my instinct, to be imaginative, and to be proactive.
I don’t feel intimidated anymore, I feel secure in my knowledge. I am working with clients whom I feel happy with, and with whom I have a great relationship.
I will start my second Internship tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what will come my way in the next two months.