This week is a very sad one for me as my client and I are saying our Goodbyes. We have worked so very well together. The end of our working relationship is in no way related to any unhappiness or problems on either side; on the contrary, it is due to a career move.

When a client and his/her VA part ways, there are certain things that need to be cleaned up/finished and discussed.

The following is a short list of items that need to be looked at and dealt with:

  • List of all passwords to the client
  • List of memberships with renewal dates and other pertinent information
  • All other account information
  • Autoresponder setup on the VA email, and forward for a few weeks before deletion
  • Other accounts that were set up in the VA’s name? If so, decide whether to delete or change to the client
  • Procedure manuals accessible to the client
  • Important documents accessible to the client
  • If you shared a folder, i.e. Dropbox was set up, talk about how to handle the files that reside within it and if/when they will be deleted
  • Who informs regular contacts about the change?
  • List of all work areas that support was given in
  • Letter of recommendation for the VA

When you work in long-term and trusting client relationships, there are emotions when such relationships end. A lot of investment has happened, work-wise and personally. You have gotten to know each other, you have supported each other, you have helped each other grow, and you genuinely care for each other.

While I am sad, I am sending this client off with much gratitude and positive energy so he is able to shine, show the talent he really is, and continue to create his own footprint!