I am stepping away form my VA series for this week – I am so excited about this video which aims to help entrepreneurs not only realize that they cannot do it all alone but how the right support can benefit their business tremendously. My colleague Mary Strachan, an amazing systems and strategy creator, and I hosted this webinar recently talking about the roles each of us have in supporting our clients. And the reason that I am so excited? I never hosted a webinar before!! I did it!. Mary presented first with my presentation to follow (starting at 20:20).

I was nervous and wondered, would people listen? Would they emotionally engage with what we were saying? Would there be questions, and would we be able to answer them?

Have a look, digest the information and let me know what questions that came up for you while you were watching, or even later.

Please comment below – any changes, improvements that you’d recommend for the next webinar? Was there too much information? Not enough? Don’t be shy.